"The barriers you’ve built to protect yourself are the same barriers that are keeping out your joy"

What is RTT?

“Understanding is power and understanding through RTT
is the most transforming and liberating power”

Marisa Peer, Founder of RTT

Marisa Peer - Founder of RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a very successful and innovative form of therapy developed by the highly acclaimed UK Therapist, Marisa Peer.

Marisa has had over 30 years of experience working as a therapist and has been influenced by many different methodologies. She has spent a lot of time reflecting on all of the successes of her career and has put together a therapy based on her own practical experience of what really works and on the insight she has gained regarding exactly how our brains function.

An Unconventional Therapy

RTT includes aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and deep relaxation techniques,but it is more than just a summation of these parts. RTT is a unique, stand-alone therapy, which is guided by the unconventional idea that you don’t need a lifetime to master and change the processes of your mind – you can in fact do this very quickly.

RTT embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnotherapy and uses deep relaxation techniques to enable the client to access their subconscious mind. When the mind is in a relaxed state – an alpha or theta brainwave state – your conscious, analytical mind can take a back-seat and your subconscious mind gets a chance to speak. You are not asleep and you are not out of control, just relaxed.

RTT can reach breakthroughs that would not be possible simply through positive self-talk with the subconscious, because the therapist is equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial for teaching you how to communicate with your mind more effectively and also to directly access and fix any blockages that might be there.

Accessing the Root Cause

These techniques and tools mean that RTT is so much more than positive affirmations in a relaxed state; RTT gets to the root cause of your issue by helping you to identify old subconscious beliefs, which are still determining your behaviour today, even though these old beliefs are no longer relevant to you or serving you in any way. Once you understand and become aware of what is driving your behaviour, you have the power to fix it.

‘Understanding is power’

As Marisa Peer says, “ Understanding is power and understanding through RTT is the most transforming and liberating power”

RTT does not just leave you at the ‘understanding’ stage though. RTT powerfully reframes these old beliefs and enables you to free yourself of them. In turn, this frees you of the associated unwanted behaviours / emotional pain/ physical pain or whatever your issue might be.

So, while RTT draws on aspects of NLP, CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, it is a far more all-encompassing treatment method based on a unique layering of techniques which have been proven to work quickly and consistently for a huge variety of issues.

A Useful Analogy

I sometimes use the following analogy when I’m explaining RTT:

If you think of a gardener tending a garden with lots of weeds. If she only cuts the tops of the weeds off above the ground, the garden will look great for a while but eventually the weeds will start to grow back again….. It is not until she finds the roots of the weeds and makes the decision to pull them out of the ground completely, that her garden will be free of those weeds permanently.

If you make the choice to change and a decision to commit to this; RTT can help you do the rest.


Support for RTT

RTT is a rigorous, award-winning approach to therapy.

Many top level companies have used RTT to improve workplace performance by removing the limiting beliefs of their employees (whether around issues of confidence, public speaking, motivation, decision making, self-esteem, money blocks etc.) These companies include:

RTT has won many awards and is endorsed by many international bodies, including:

and many more…

RTT and Marisa Peer have won no less than 17 Stevie Awards. These are awards given by the American Business Awards Association, to recognize the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of companies and business people worldwide.

The Process

1. Decide you are ready to free yourself of your issues and change your life…

2. Arrange a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to find out more about how RTT can help you with your specific issue or condition and ask any questions you may have.

3. Complete and return my RTT intake form. This gives me a bit of background about you and what areas you’d like to work on.

4. Book your 2 hour RTT session.This can be done in 3 ways:

  • At the Optimal Family Health Clinic  1903A, 19th floor, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street Central, Hong Hong +852 2666 6300
  • In your own home This will be arranged with me after your discovery call if it is practical and you decide to go ahead.
  • Online This works just as well as in person! Your session will be arranged after the discovery call if you decide to go ahead.

5. Listen to your Transformational Recording for 21 days. This recording will last around 15-20 minutes and you need to make a commitment to listen to it every day for 21 days to ensure long-term change.

6. Follow-up call after 1 week to check in on your progress. If you feel you will benefit from further sessions this can be discussed at this time. Some issues take longer to resolve than others. It can be the case that in resolving the client’s ‘presenting’ problem, other issues surface, which they then want to deal with in an additional session.

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