I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs.

Bruce H. Lipton

‘Scientists Discover how Hypnosis actually Works’

This article is great because it analyses hypnosis from a neuroscience perspective. It discusses research done at The Stanford School of Medicine, which used brain imaging to see what changes

Listening to Shame – Brené Brown

Brené Brown has been an inspiration for me and in moments of self-doubt or fear of judgement, I turn to her the Theodore Roosevelt quote, which she  often refers to.

What is Addiction? Dr Gabor Maté

There is a lot of fascinating material by Dr Gabor Maté online. This video gives a very short ‘taster’ of his work. Dr Gabor Maté was a family physician for

Dr Bruce Lipton – Learn how to Control your Mind

I love Bruce Lipton’s work, because it provides the scientific proof to support many of the principles of RTT. Dr Lipton’s started his scientific career in the 70s, researching stem

Lewis Howes – 3 Fears that are Killing your Dreams

Lewis Howes practices what he preaches. He grew up depressed, functionally illiterate, as a child he constantly believed he wasn’t good enough and can remember wishing he was dead. He

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