Lewis Howes – 3 Fears that are Killing your Dreams

Lewis Howes – 3 Fears that are Killing your Dreams

Lewis Howes practices what he preaches.

He grew up depressed, functionally illiterate, as a child he constantly believed he wasn’t good enough and can remember wishing he was dead.

He became a US Olympic athlete and has already launched and sold a 7-figure business. He is now on a mission to help 100 million people live their dreams.
He is achieving this though his writing, speeches, videos and his talk show podcast, ‘The School of Greatness’, where he engages in insightful conversation with inspirational people.

In this video, Lewis examines how 3 fears – Fear of Failure, Fear of Success and Fear of Judgement– lead to one fundamental belief about ourselves: the belief “I am not enough”

He says: “‘I am not enough’ is the killer of dreams

So often in RTT sessions these fears emerge when we are looking for the root cause of an issue and so often I hear the phrase “I’m not enough”…. Not good enough, not clever enough, not pretty enough etc, etc, etc….
These fears and beliefs are often based on coping mechanisms we developed in childhood, which were somehow adaptive and supportive for us then, but are preventing us from moving forwards now. Once we become aware of this, that’s when the change can start …. 

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